Scene Update #1!

This is the first installment of scene update, in which I talk about the goings on in the concord music scene!

  1. Nick Owen played an awesome gig with Beautiful Woman, Dump Him, and Daephne on November 11th at the democracy center as a benefit for BARCC, and raised $308. It was a great show, and we’re excited for more!

I have just released my second solo ep titled “Bears Live Outside” online and in cassette form, it’s black metal/noise/grindcore/experimental and it will be public very soon. EDIT Public now:


  1. Kids Luv Cops is playing a show on December 2nd at the democracy center with Mail Thief, Deathdealer, and Big Mess as a benefit for Planned Parenthood
  2. Nick Owen is playing a solo set on December 3rd with NICE GUYS, Ricecrackers, Mint Green, and Gatsby
  3. Kids Luv Cops, Nick Owen, and Sarcasm are playing at the High School as a benefit for the Unicef Club on Friday the 16th at 7

-hugh schmidt


Songs That Mean A Lot To Me Pt. 1

There are a lot of songs that can make feel a variety of different emotions at once, and I’m going to write about a few of them right now. All of these are songs that helped me during the summer, which was really really great but also kind of difficult for a variety of reasons. I’m probably gonna do multiple of these as a multi part series, so here goes:

Texas Funeral – Hop Along


This song is truly amazing. It’s about 4 and a half minutes of pure catharsis that makes me want to burst out of my body (in a good way I promise). The song has a bouncy, almost lighthearted feel but the lyrics and vocal delivery convey intense pain and release. Over the summer I would walk home from work listening to this song over and over again (the song Waitress by them was also on repeat sometimes). The brilliant , surfy guitar solo followed by the heart breaking yet uplifting hook of “None of this is gonna happen to me” are just pure emotional brilliance that I really connected with. I remember walking home and listening to this song while the sun was setting beautifully and almost breaking down and crying at the fucking beauty of the world. This song is summer for me in an emotional sense, it’s profoundly sad but also uplifting.

Pheasant – Shook Ones


There’s a common theme among these songs, primarily that I listened to them on my  way to and from work over the summer. This song is also just really good. I actually hated it on first listen, but it really won me over. Despite not really being able to understand the lyrics for the first part of the song (I swear the first lyrics are “lay me up, like a waiting rubber, never had, tiramisu) the song makes me feel really really empowered, like I can really do something. The simple guitar leads are anthemic to a pop punk level, despite this being firmly a hardcore song. The lyrics (as I imagine them and from what I can decipher) are about unity, when he says “lets meditate on a mass of stones” it just makes me feel indescribably connected and happy. This song makes me feel like I can take on everything, and any song that does that is fucking good.

Connect the Dots – Car Seat Headrest


This goddamn song is brilliant. Everything from the instrumentation to the lyrics to that fucking chorus. I swear to god. I would feel like a million bucks if I could write a chorus that good. It’s just perfect. The lyrics are so easy to sing along to, the chord progression is ridiculously simple, and it’s just so cathartic. That’s truly what summer is about for me, catharsis, so I’m gonna use that word to fucking death when writing this. That chorus is everything a song should be and should aspire to be. jesus. It’s brilliant. Pure fucking genius actually. That’s not to discount the rest of the song. The verses are little stop start pieces that pick up into fantastic singalong bits. Goddammit this song, and the whole album as well are just brilliant. And that final ending, “You won’t see, what you want to see there, and no one will want to be in your band” is just amazing. It’s the best fucking indie rock album of 2016 hands down.

Other Honorable Mentions that I don’t feel like writing about in detail are:

  • HW:R – True Widow
  • Ultimate – Gogol Bordello
  • Single White Female – The Movielife
  • Back and to The Left – Texas is the Reason
  • Poor Aileen – Superheaven

-hugh schmidt