FavoriteAlbums of 2015

It always takes a little while to really listen to all the music I want to in a year, which is why I’m posting a favorites of 2015 list near the very end of 2016.  Nonetheless, these are some of my favorite albums of 2015, most of them will lie in the spectrum of indie rock.

Ours Is Chrome – Superheaven


Many criticize this band as sounding too “90’s” or too grunge, but in my opinion no one does this style as well as they do. They seamlessly meld emo, indie rock, and the aforemented grunge (I hate that term) into a sludgey mix of hits. This band may be dark, but they have pop hooks for days. While I do hear the complaints about how the songs on this album tend to blend together, if you listen to the album for long enough, you learn to appreciate each song.  Fav Tracks: I’ve Been Bored, Gushin’ Blood, Dig Into Me, From the Chest Down, Poor Aileen Least Fav Tracks: All The Pain, Blur

Painted Shut – Hop Along


Some really, really nice indie rock songs with a voice to kill for. It took me a while to get past her voice, I hated it the first four times I tried to listen to this band, but the songs are amazing and her voice is expressive to an unreal degree. It’s pained but sweet at the same time, and conveys so much emotion. Fantastic record. Fav Tracks: Texas Funeral, Waitress, The Knock. Least Fav Tracks: I Saw My Twin

Rose Mountain – Screaming Females


This was my favorite album of 2015. I’m not sure if it still is, but I listened to nothing but this album for a few months. It’s heavy and poppy at the same time, with just track after track of hooks and guitar solos and just great songwriting. It’s truly incredible and my favorite album of theirs to date, ranging from punk to even a fantastic power ballad with “Hopeless”. It’s great. Fav Tracks: most of them, except Least Fav Track: Broken Neck.

Solid Gold Cowboys – Unlikely Friends


This album is power pop for fucking days. This album is nothing but hooks. It’s short, sweet, and brilliantly catchy. Listen to it and get them stuck in your head. The lyrics are sarcastic and witty most of the time, the instrumentation is simple yet also complicated, it’s just really really well written. Fav Tracks: Satellite Station, Pizza Crust Trust, Please Lorraine, Wear a Halo Least Fav Tracks: Gold Coast Marauders

Another One – Mac Demarco


It’s short, sweet, and super fun to listen to. It’s slightly psychedelic indie rock with a little bit of a jam band edge, and the songs are largely super catchy. The interplay between the twangy guitar and round bass is classic but works really well on this record, with some synth in there to accent the songs. The songs are on topics ranging from loving someone to loving someone and them not loving you back. It’s excellent, give it a listen. Fav Tracks: The Way You’d Love Her, I’ve Been Waiting for Her, Another One Least Fav Tracks: A Heart Like Hers

Asunder, Sweet, and Other Distress – GY!BE


It’s fucking Godspeed You! Black Emperor. It’s a great record. It’s post rock ranging from beautiful and uplifting to dark and creepy. If you don’t know GY!BE, listen to them now. They’re the best band of all time. I can confidently say that no other band has a perfect discography, they’re it. Fucking brilliant. Fav Tracks: The whole fucking album.

Land Squid – Yelsa


My favorite jazz record. These guys are criminally underknown, and they play jazz (idk what subgenre) with some really cool funk/rock/electronica influences. Really good stuff, I saw them live and they’re nuts. Really fucking good. This album is both frantic and relaxed but succeeds in setting a really really cool mood. If you ever want to feel really fucking cool, listen to this record. Fav Tracks: Iridium, The Samurai Who Smells of Sunflowers, Lazarus Least Fav Tracks: none

Honorable Mentions:

Grief’s Infernal Flower – Windhand (Doom/psych)

Released From Love/You, Whom I Have Always Hated – The Body and Thou (Blackened Sludge?)

Dogs on Acid – Dogs on Acid (Power Pop/indie rock)

O.K. – Eskimeaux (Indie rock/pop)


Scene Update #2

Lets get right to it:

  • Kids Luv Cops played an awesome show at the DC with Deathdealer, Mail Thief, and Big Mess last Friday, and it was super fun (for us anyway). It was one of our first times playing outside of concord in front of people, and we (basically just me) were super nervous but the show went well and everyone else was amazing.

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    • We’re also in the process of recording our debut record “I Love You Cecilia”, for which the drum tracks are all done along with many of the bass tracks. Super pumped!
  • Nick Owen played a show with Ricecrackers, Nice Guys, Mint Green, and Gatsby the day after, which I heard went super well so props to him!
  • Nick Owen, Sarcasm, and Iris Johnson are also playing a show put on by the Unicef Club at the high school to benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. Kids Luv Cops can no longer play the show unfortunately, the event takes place on december 16th at 7
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-hugh schmidt