The Albums So Far 3/31/17

It’s the end of March so I figured I’d do another roundup of albums that have come out this year!! I plan to do this twice a month now, but we’ll see if I can keep up!

Heartless – Pallbearer


I’m still not quite sure what to make of this album, It’s definitely not the kind of metal I’m used to listening to, let alone reviewing. I think most are describing this as a doom metal album, but it’s not exactly what I think of when someone says doom. To me this album is almost progressive doom if that’s a thing, it’s layered with anthemic guitars and vocal melodies that remind me of more classic heavy metal or progressive rock, yet it has a modern edge in the lush guitar tones and in some of the quieter parts.  Especially the first track on this record blew me away, but after that I felt like the album dragged on, which is to be expected on an album that’s shortest song is 5:25 (the longest is 12:40). I wouldn’t say I’m taken with this record yet, but it’s definitely one that will grow on me I feel. Give it a listen if you’re into a band that sounds like a mix between Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and some of Steven Wilson’s quieter moments. It’s not really my thing, but I think with more listens I’ll grow to like it some more.

A Crow Looked at Me – Mount Eerie


I’m not familiar with any of Mount Eerie’s previous work, the only other album I’ve ever listened to with Phil Elverum is The Glow pt. 2, which is a record I would definitely recommend. This album on the other hand is a little tough to recommend seeing as it’s so personal and so fucking sad. For those who don’t know this album was written a few months after the passing of Phil’s wife and is filled with upfront and heartbreaking references to his wife’s death. It’s quiet indie folk that’s incredibly beautiful but also just so depressing. I wouldn’t call it a pleasant listen but it’s definitely worth listening to.

Sensory Link to Pain – Primal Rite


This album is a decent crossover thrash record. Check it out if you’re into that sort of thing, it’s pretty good. The vocals honestly remind me of those on “Seven Churches” by Possessed, but it definitely retains the classic crossover sound.

Brutalism – Idles


I can’t say I really connected with this record that much. Idles is a post-punk band from the UK that despite some very clever lyrics and good hooks, they didn’t really do much for me with this album. I’ll definitely try to give this record some more time, but as of now I didn’t like it that much. It might be your cup of tea though, check it out!

Other records that are new to me:

Chaos is Me – Orchid: I really liked this a lot, it’s a great screamo/skramz record that’s super good and a really good length.

Sprained Ankle – Julien Baker: Beautiful, sad, amazing. It’s a great rainy/cloudy day record.

Circumambulation – True Widow: Really good record, kind of like super heavy indie rock/shoegaze, driving and steady.


Deep Dives: History of Emo Radio Show

HELLO everyone, I am super excited to announce a shift in format for my radio show this week! From now on, my shows will be a look into the history of a specific genre or scene that falls into the realm of underground rock! I did a history of psychedelic music last week, and this week I’m looking into the history of one of the worlds most misunderstood genres, emo.

We are kicking it off with DC emotional hardcore before going into post-hardcore, “classic” emo, then moving onto screamo, pop punk, and finally into emo revival, from 1985 – 2017. As always, listen in at or if in the Concord area, 88.3fm.

I Hate Myself Guitar

  • For Want Of – Rites of Spring
  • Give Me Back – Embrace
  • Human Interest – Drive Like Jehu
  • Seven – Sunny Day Real Estate
  • In Defense of Reality – Shelter
  • Job’s Eyes – Far
  • Puddle Splashers – Cap’n Jazz
  • Nickel Wound – Texas is the Reason
  • Building – Sense Field
  • Tired of Sex – Weezer
  • Red & Blue Jeans – The Promise Ring
  • Pickpocket – At The Drive In
  • New Jersey Vs. Valhalla – Orchid
  • Never Meant- American Football
  • Holiday – The Get Up Kids
  • Self Destruct – The Movielife
  • Conversation with Dr. Seussicide
  • At Your Funeral – Saves the Day
  • A Heart Filled Reaction to Dissatisfaction – City of Caterpillar
  • American Hearts – Piebald
  • Mañana – Desaparecidos
  • New Candles – Death Cab For Cutie
  • Sowing Season (Yeah) – Brand New
  • ~ – Touché Amoré
  • Your Deep Rest – The Hotelier
  • Glendale – Fox Wound
  • Everything is in Your Hands – Old Gray
  • Summertime – Remo Drive


Greatest Hits – Remo Drive REVIEW

Greatest Hits – Remo Drive


Like many people, I found out about this band from The Needledrop a few months ago when he promoted their excellent single “Yer Killin’ Me” from this record. This song is the reason why I listened to this record. Any single that strong should have a great record behind it, and Remo Drive fucking delivers.

Remo Drive is a band from Bloomington, Minnesota that plays fun, angsty, and catchy indie rock/emo. The guitars are crunchy and fuzzed out, the bass is clear and mixed extremely well (with some very well written melodic bass lines), and the drums are sharp and punchy. The vocals are clear and high in the mix, which isn’t usually my favorite but it works so well here. Erik Paulson’s vocals here are a classic angsty yell, punctuated by softer singing moments and screams that can be used for a humorous effect and to convey anguish. The songwriting is fucking fantastic, bringing in great hooks and melodies in conjunction with atypical song structure. There are instrumental breaks, extended verses, and bridges that feel pretty strange. There’s even what sounds like a weird polka outro on “Yer Killin’ Me” and a drum solo at the end of “Hunting For Sport”. It’s not your typical indie rock record.


This record is very cohesive in sound, yet it varies enough from song to song to remain unique and interesting throughout. There are darker songs like “Hunting for Sport” and “Crash Test Rating” in addition to lighter ones like the aforementioned “Yer Killin Me”. The lyrics in this particular track make it perfect for the end of a breakup playlist, as it reads to me like the takedown of an ex that was a negative influence. Other tracks like “Summertime” are less humorous and a little darker but still remain catchy and extremely enjoyable. This album is catchy and has hooks for days and will be perfect heading into the summer.

Even if the term”emo” scares you off I would highly recommend you check it out. This record is one of my favorite releases of 2017 so far, and I am so incredibly excited for what these guys do next (I really hope they come to Cambridge).

For Fans of: Car Seat Headrest, The Hotelier, Piebald, Dogs on Acid

Fav Tracks: Summertime, Strawberita, Yer Killin’ Me, Hunting For Sport

Least Fav Tracks: None

Scene Update 3/17/17

SO much shit has happened since the last update so we’ll get right to it, first some self promotion:

1, Kids Luv Cops released their debut EP “I Love You Cecilia” on CD and online on March 5th! It’s a stylistic mess but we’re super proud of it and we really hope you like it too!!!

2. ALSO Alix Kaplan and I have finished our split EP Utilize // Coyotes in My Neighborhood and it will be available on cassette very soon! Alix’s side is experimental indie rock, mine is avant-garde metal. Check it out!!!

3. Iris Johnson released her debut EP “Sleep Creature” on soundcloud!!! It’s super awesome indie-folk and I highly recommend it!

4. Check the new calendar section for upcoming shows! We’ve got Nick Owen playing with Honeymooner, Banana, and the Rough Cuts tomorrow, an acoustic show on March 31st, and a WIQH open mic on April 28th! More to come always!

5. iqhFEST also happened and it was so fucking incredible, it was such a good time! I’m super proud of all of the performers and tech who helped make it happen, thank you guys so much! I really hope everyone continues it next year!


Well we’re about 2.5 months into 2017, and a few pretty good albums have already been released, so here are the one’s I’ve heard so far + my thoughts in no particular order! I know I’ve already missed a lot I need to catch up so I don’t rush at the end of the year to hear everything.

Flying Microtonal Banana – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

a2731568276_10I was extremely excited for this record, especially after I heard 2015’s excellent Paper Mache Dream Balloon. I didn’t care for their record in 2016 so much (Nonagon Infinity), but I was extremely excited for this record because I heard that they would be experimenting with microtones. For those not in the know, a microtone is a kind of note isn’t used in traditional western music. A microtone can best be explained as a note in between notes. For example, in western music, we’ll have an A and an A#. In other musical traditions, they will use notes in between those two. At first listen, these notes sound wrong, as if you’re like me and mainly listen to western music, you’ve never really heard those notes before. If you’ve listened to Indian classical, Turkish, or Iranian music before, you probably will be familiar. At first I was worried that it would be kind of a gimmick, but it’s definitely not. It’s King Gizzard’s brand of psychedelic rock but with the added influence from eastern music. It’s dense and it’s confusing and it’s really goddamn catchy. While I’m not completely taken with it yet, with more listens I think I’ll grow to truly love the record.

For Fans of: Flower Travellin’ Band, Acid Mother’s Temple, Ty Segall

#LP4080- Strange U


This is a fantastic grime record that came out recently, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get into grime. Strange U is definitely weirder than a lot of other Grime artists, his style reminds me a lot of MF DOOM, which is definitely a good thing. It’s very catchy, dense, and overall pretty good. My favorite tracks are “Grizzle” and “Bullet Proof Mustache”.

For Fans of: MF DOOM

Godfather – Wiley


Honestly, if this album just had the song Can’t Go Wrong on it, it would still be fucking good. I officially declare that song THE fucking banger of 2017. Fortunately for us though, the rest of the album holds up very well. It’s heavy grime from Wiley, and it’s the only record I’ve heard from him so far. It’s really good, and super catchy.

For Fans Of: I don’t really know who he sounds like cause I just got into grime and I feel like if you like grime you’ll know him already. He’s great give it a listen.

Forever – Code Orange


I have mixed feelings about this record, but overall I’d say it’s worth checking out if you’re into metalcore (not scene metalcore though). While a lot of the songs blend together, it’s a heavy and truly brutal blend of powerviolence, hardcore, and death metal. The track “Bleeding in the Blur”is definitely the one that stuck with me the most, which I feel kind of guilty for because it’s the only one with clean vocals and it sounds a lot like Superheaven (whose last album also blended together at first so who knows). Overall though, it’s a decent record and I’d recommend checking it out.

For Fans Of: All of the metallic hXc bands I like/know are way less popular than them, so like… maybe Converge? Maybe? If you’re a Superheaven/Basement/grunge fan you’ll dig “Bleeding in the Blur”.

Greatest Hits – Remo Drive


I know this album came out today, but already after my first listen I think it’s really good. They’re kind of emo revival (I suppose) and they hit the sweet spot that I think emo should hit. They’re catchy, angsty, but they don’t take themselves too seriously either. Lead single “Yer Killin’ Me” represents a catchy and humorous side of the band while also being a cutting takedown of what sounds like an ex, and “Hunting for Sport” is on the angstier less humorous side and is a fantastic song. They have hooks for fucking days and I can only hope that they come to Massachusetts soon!

For Fans Of: The Hotelier, Fox Wound, Cap’n Jazz, Piebald.

Radio Playlist 3/13/17

TODAY we have a very special themed show in which I will be playing a history of psychedelic music! I kinda avoid the LA scene because I don’t like it as much. Anyway, here’s a bunch of psychedelic garage rock! I start with garage, move into psych pop, heavy psych, some more psychedelic post-punkish shit, then on to the recent revival stuff. I’m pretty proud of it!


    • 96 Tears – ? & The Mysterians
    • I Hate You – The Monks
    • I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night – The Electric Prunes
    • Reverberation – 13th Floor Elevators
    • Time Has Come Today – The Chambers Brothers
    • Hurdy-Gurdy Man – Donovan
    • Crimson & Clover – Tommy James & The Shondells
    • Octopus – Syd Barrett
    • Lullaby Letter – Soft Machine
    • Oscillations – Silver Apples
    • Satori Part II – Flower Travellin’ Band
    • Paperhouse – CAN
    • Sister Europe – The Psychedelic Furs
    • The Only One I Know – The Charlatans
    • I Wanna Be Adored – The Stones Roses
    • Eat a Pebble – Acid Mothers Temple
    • Work This Time – King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
    • Time – $$$ – King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
    • What’s in My Head – Fuzz
    • What Needs Must Be – Dead Meadow
    • Twist – Naked Giants
    • Something You Got – The Madcaps

iqhFEST 2017!!

It’s coming up!!!!! It’s concord carlisle’s annual music festival, it’s what truly started the concord scene, so please try to make it! gig


  1. Pete and The Rabbits: classic lighter rock
  2. Schuyler + Ella: Some pop tunes
  3. Dwarf Planet: power pop!
  4. Chris Secunda: DJ EDM electronic and what not
  5. Fruitloop Daydream: indie rock/soul
  6. Mushroom Death Suit: folk punk!
  7. Trashcan Businessman: DUT DUT DUT DUT shoegaze!
  8. Boxed Water: old school Concord thrash
  9. Chris + Hannah: acoustic Pop
  10. Sarcasm: proggy indie Punk
  11. Nick Owen: xConcordx hXc indie punk
  12. Jivan Galper: acoustic pop
  13. Chris and Company: country/pop rock
  14. This is Not Banana Bread: acoustic alt. rock
  15. Kids Luv Cops: metallic punky indie rock

Also my band KLC will be selling our CD’s for only 4$! It’s your first chance to hear it before it goes online!