Taking Over The World: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

This is the beginning of a new segment on this blog called “Taking Over The World”. This will be a rare segment and will only surface when I think a band is about to or is in the process of taking over the world. This is a rare occurrence, as a live show or album has to be not only amazing, but groundbreaking and inventive. I listen to a lot of music, and it’s extremely rarely that I find a band that’s taking over the world.

I found a band that’s doing so as we speak. They are called King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and they are the best fucking thing to happen to music since Godspeed You! Black Emperor. This is a band that’s hilarious, wildly inventive, innovative, unique, and just so fucking good.


King Gizzard is an Australian psychedelic rock band that has flirted and subsequently made passionate passionate love with so many genres it’s hard to pinpoint where they fall exactly. Garage rock, 60’s psych pop, progressive rock, punk, heavy metal, surf rock, spaghetti western, blues, and latin jazz are all genres they’ve experimented with and utilized. Each album of theirs sounds distinctly different from the last. Their experimentation doesn’t end simply at genre. They bring unique instruments that aren’t usually seen on rock records in the 2010’s. They have flutes, clarinet, harmonica, upright bass, turkish flute, baglama, and fiddle. They even experimented with custom microtonal bananas on their latest record “Flying Microtonal Banana”, which is fucking crazy. No western music album that uses microtones has been this good since Satori by Flower Travellin’ Band, and that was in nineteen seventy fucking one. And this record is even better than that.

Their songs are unconventional yet hooky, experimental yet tangible. They don’t go overboard, they’re not pretentious. They do what they feel is right, and what they feel is right has worked really fucking well so far.

This band brings an energy to each record that I haven’t heard from any band ever. Each performance is so fucking caffeinated it’s unbelievable. I mean jesus christ these guys are insane. Watch any live performance and you will feel the energy flowing into you.

Here’s a rundown of their major releases thus far (there are a fucking lot of them for band that’s only been around since 2011).

  • Willoughby’s Beach: A hooky garage rock EP that’s pretty good! Fav Tracks: Let It Bleed, Dead Beat


  • 12 Bar Bruise: Their debut LP, they continue their brand of weird hooky noisy garage on this record. As with the last EP, they’re not free of their influences yet. Fav Tracks: Muckraker, Garage Liddiard


  • Eyes Like The Sky: A truly bizarre spaghetti-western spoken world album. Fav Tracks: Evil Man, The God Man’s Goat Lust


  • Float Along – Fill Your Lungs: King Gizzard start to incorporate more psychedelic sounds into this record, they’re starting to come into their own here. Fav Tracks: Let Me Mend The Past, Float Along – Fill Your Lungs


  • Oddments: A floating psychedelic record, not as stylistically focused as other albums but still great. It varies from psych rock to weirdo folk. Fav Tracks: Work This Time, It’s Got Old, Alluda Majaka, Homeless Man in Addidas


  • I’m In Your Mind Fuzz: This album sets up the sci-fi trilogy that they’d pursue on Nonagon Infinity and presumably the upcoming Murder of the Universe. It’s dense and heavy psych-rock that just doesn’t let up. Fav Tracks: Slow Jam 1, Satan Speeds Up


  • Quarters: An album split into four ten minute songs that range from latin jazz to floating psych-rock. Fav Track: The River


  • Paper Maché Dream Balloon: A bunch of entirely acoustic 60’s psych pop style songs that are extremely catchy and fun. The use of flute and clarinet on this album is really well done and it will be stuck in your head for days. Fav Tracks: Time=$$$, Bone, Paper Maché


  • Nonagon Infinity: A dense dense intense psychedelic garage-punk record. I mean jesus this thing has so many layers and is so fast that you barely have time to process it. Every song flows from one to the next, creating a cohesive listening experience, with the last song flowing back into the first to create the “infinity”. Fav Tracks: People Vultures, Gamma Knife, Big Fig Waspa1566708845_10.jpg
  • Flying Microtonal Banana: An experimentation into the realm of microtones (notes we don’t have in western music, notes between notes if you will). Reminiscent of Flower Travellin’ Band, it’s a heavy, often slow psychedelic rock album. It’s droney and quite meditative. Fav Tracks: Anoxia, Nuclear Fusion


  • Murder Of The Universe: It’s not out yet but based on the teaser tracks and the live performance of “Lord of Lightning” it’s gonna be dense crazy noisy wild psych rock channelled through Volume 1- era Sleep. I’m so fucking excited for this record y’all have no idea. Fav Tracks (so far): Lord of Lightning, Digital Black


I truly hope that I have converted at least one more person to the cult of King Gizz, for they truly are an incredibly special band. It’s brilliant, experimental, and fun music that truly connects and is pushing the envelope in todays music world.



– hugh



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