The Albums So Far 5/11/17

Here’s another bunch of albums that were released in 2017 so far and my extremely quick thoughts on them!

Private Island – Honeymooner

Honeymooner is a local indie rock band composed of Julian Berosh and Ryan Higgins (both of which were in Daephne) and they just released a two track EP called Private Island, which is super excellent. It’s indie rock with a heavier edge that’s pretty catchy and I’d recommend it to everyone. I’ve been listening to the song “Planet” pretty much non stop for the past few days. It’s a great release.

This Old Dog – Mac Demarco

This is a super good record. It’s more somber than his past records have been, a little more introspective, but it’s still Mac Demarco, and is instantly recognizable as such. This is my favorite record of his so far, with extremely well written tracks and a very consistent mood and sound.  Fav Tracks: This Old Dog, Moonlight on the River

EP3 – Shutups

I fucking love this EP. I fucking love this band. I found out about them by wandering into a random show when visiting Portland last month and immediately fell in love. They describe their music as “thrashy, dirty, but also comfortable pop punk music that makes Tom Delonge want to squeegee his eyeballs as he prunes in his Beverly Hills jacuzzi”. And boy are they correct. They play fast paced west-coast pop punk with extremely well written hooks and truly incredible guitar playing. Live they play everything faster than on the record and it’s exhilarating. Go back and visit their previous EP as well it’s great. My favorite tracks on this one are: June, Flat Footed

Slowdive – Slowdive

This is a pretty good return to form for Slowdive, continuing their tradition of slow, floating dreamy songs that are absolutely fucking beautiful. If you’re a shoegaze/dreampop fan and you were a little worried about this reunion album, don’t be. It’s super good. Fav Tracks: Don’t Know Why, Go Get It

Baseball Practice – The Rupert Selection

A great record from local progressive rock band The Rupert Selection. They sound like a proggy Quicksand or Soundgarden, with heavy and complex riffs for fucking days. It’s totally worth a listen if you’re into that kind of stuff (I know I am). Fav Tracks: Tree Hands, Mooncats in Taxi Cabs

Other Albums I’ve Been Digging a lot:

Literally Every Single Orchid Album: Goddammit I don’t know why I put off these guys for so long. It’s real screamo folks and it kills. It’s unbelievably amazing holy fucking shit give them a shot.

Every Single King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Album: See previous piece I wrote about why they’re the best.

MM3 – Meta Meta: This is latin punk-jazz and it kills. It just kills.


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