Scene Update 6/6/17

Hello friends! So much is going on and it makes me so fucking happy to say that bless you all! First for the roundup!

  • We had a show at the Mahasement, which was so excellent and it made me so happy to see so many new faces singing along and dancing and moshing. We had Dwarf Planet, Christina, Lucy Morrison, Iris Johnson, Kids Luv Cops, Boxed Water, Muttnik, Pete and The Rabbits, Jason Fletcher, Corey Ames, and Thomas Brockway. ┬áIt was so freaking awesome to see everyone there and we had such a good time.
  • Nick Owen played a show the following night at Pussy Cabana with Mint Green, Honeymooner, Ironclad, and Puppy Problems, which was super sick and so freaking fun.


  • Boxed Water, Concord’s very own thrash/surf/death metal band have started recording their demo/EP and it sounds super fucking tight! They’re all just sophomores and they’ll go so fucking far I just know it.

The bois from Boxed Water in the studio

  • Kids Luv Cops is recording the new EP! It’ll be three songs and we got bass and drums done for all of the tracks yesterday and vocals done for 2/3 today. We’ll be tracking guitar and finishing vocals next week so get excited! Check our instagram @kidsluvcops for a sneak peak of our new song “Pharmacist”
  • There’s gonna be a METCO 50th Anniversary event at the high school which Kids Luv Cops and a bunch of other TBA bands are playing! Be sure to come on out and support METCO! It’s this Saturday from 4-7pm come on out a!
  • On June 23rd Nick Owen is playing solo with Paths, Oddysseys, and Daephne (their last show) at the Democracy Center. It’s also his first show playing with Julian Berosh (from Honeymooner and Daephne) as Alix and I are moving on from his band! It’s been a good run and we wish him the best.

Thanks all for reading and please contact me if you have any questions or want to write anything for the blog! I’m also trying to figure out who to pass it on to when I leave so please let me know if you wanna keep tabs on the Concord scene after I go!

love you all,