Scene Update 7/3/17

Hey pals! This miiight be the last scene update I do which is extremely sad but it’s the fact of the matter because I’m leaving the scene! I’ll write a weepy goodbye post at some point but boy is this not it. Let’s get to it:

  1. Here’s the KLC EP art that’s being released this Friday! We’ll have CD’s and probably tapes!better
  2. This happened a while ago but Boxed Water released Death Machine on June 9th featuring myself on guest gutturals/hair metal screaming!
  3. Nick Owen released “Bass & Drum” on June 14th! Nick’s been playing some of these for a while so it’s great to hear them recorded! 
  4. On July 8th there are three gigs featuring Concord artists! For links check the calendar! Kids Luv Cops have a gig with Fat Shuggy, Ra Saen, Loneranger, and Beautiful Woman: 19780772_870543929789116_1616822639912898551_o
  5. Nick Owen has the other two shows that day, Big Summer Sad Fest during the day featuring Mint Green, Ozlo, Brown Lights, Puppy Problems, Wolvves, Black Beach, Gia Greene, Baja Blasters, Rend, and Bedbug, and then a show at the Burrow with DONKNG, Ploy, and Broadband.18835891_10158750613125023_2246365236600138532_n19642790_941202462687563_616458238059472206_nThese gigs are super cool and hot and lovely so please come out to them!
  6. The following day Kids Luv Cops is playing Sulfest in Tewksbury with Humans and Us, Ice Cream Orphan, Rapture, Casinoland, and Girlscoutcookies! 19510618_1895339140726332_707878022058782097_n
  7. Kids Luv Cops’s last show is happening July 20th at Sandro’s house, hit us up if you want the address and want to come. It’ll have us, Nick Owen, Sarcasm, Lucy Morrison, Christina, Corey Ames, Trashcan Businessman, Muttnik, Pete & The Rabbits, Mushroom Death Suit, and Boxed Water. It’s going to be beautiful and sad and lovely.

– hugh


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