Annie Selle

Annie Selle is an indie folk artist with a really awesome idiosyncratic style! She doesn’t have anything recorded yet but very well might be the first person to release an LP in the Concord scene. She reminds me of Leah Senior but a little weirder, she’s also the best. She’s been active since late 2016.



Annie also plays in “The Lulas”, a duo with Clover Koval. 



Alix Kaplan

Alix Kaplan is a drummer-percussionist-multi-instrumentalist who cut her teeth playing in most every band that’s graced a stage or basement in Concord (4 Whale Drive, Nick Owen, Waf, Fruitloop Daydream, Nia & Friends/The Buddies, Breakdown Lane, Mushroom Death Suit, the list goes on). Her solo project is experimental indie rock, and it’s weird and mad fucking cool. She’s been playing in bands since early 2015.


  • Utilize // Coyotes in My Neighborhood Split w/ Hugh Schmidt

Link to the Split:

Link to her soundcloud:


Clover Koval

Clover Koval is the solo project from guitarist/trumpet player/vocalist Chloe Koval, which has been active since late 2016. She plays weirdo folk/indie rock with shoegaze elements. She’s also the guitarist/vocalist in post-hardcore band Sarcasm, and multi-instrumentalist in Waf.



  • Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu (J Mascis Cover) ft. Friends!

Check her music on soundcloud and bandcamp:




Waf was an experimental rock duo made up of Alix Kaplan and Chloe Koval, active from spring – fall 2016.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 2.21.45 PM.png

Chloe Koval, Alix Kaplan


  • Alix Kaplan, drums, bass, guitar, theremin (Spring – Fall 2016)
  • Chloe Koval, guitar, vocals, (Spring – Fall 2016)
  • Sophie Purinton, drums (September 30th)


  • orb SINGLE

Check it here:

Member Projects:

Alix Kaplan drummed with Nick Owen, Mushroom Death Suit, and has a solo experimental project. Chloe Koval plays guitar in SpiritTown, Sarcasm, and has a solo folky indie project.

Trashcan Businessman

Trashcan Businessman is a dreampop/shoegaze duo made up of Will and Iris. They’re fucking great people and their music is beautiful. They’ve been active since early 2017.


Iris and Will


  • Iris Johnson, vocals (March 2017 –
  • Will Robichaud, guitar (March 2017 –


  • Blackberries SINGLE

Check it out here:

Member Projects

Iris Johnson has a solo indie folk project. Will Robichaud is the current guitarist in SpiritTown.

Hugh Schmidt

Hugh Schmidt is a punk musician whose solo projects explore black metal, chill synthwork, ambient, experimental, avant-garde metal, and hardcore. His solo project has been active since January 2016, and it left Concord in August 2017. He uses his name and “god bless gilgamesh” for his screamo/spoken word project.



  • Hugh Schmidt, bass/guitar/synths/drums/vocals/glockenspiel


  • flight to burma
  • endeavoring to bring souls to jesus christ
  • Bears Live Outside
  • Utilize/Coyotes in My Neighborhood Split (Split with Alix Kaplan)
  • god bless gilgamesh
  • D-Sides & Scarcities
  • We’re Sad and Listen to Loveless Every Night (Comp)
  • Possums on My Front Porch I (full record coming soon)

Check it here:

Member Projects

Hugh Schmidt plays in Kids Luv Cops, and played bass with Nick Owen, Pixie & The Dreamgirls, and briefly did vocals in SpiritTown.

Corey Ames and the Nobodies

Corey Ames is a folk punk singer songwriter who’s been at it since early 2016. He lives in RI for college now but is still active. His lyrics are amazing and he’s the best.



  • Corey Ames, vocals/guitar
  • Thomas Brockway, guitar/banjo/harmonica sometimes
  • James Putnam, guitar sometimes


  • By the Skin of my Teeth
  • Ticon-Deroga
  • LIVE 1/14/18

Listen to it here:

Member Projects

Corey Ames and Thomas Brockway played guitar/vocals and guitar in Mushroom Death Suit. Thomas currently plays guitar in punk outfit Crimepeople. James Putnam played in post-hardcore outfit Sarcasm and indie punk group Kids Luv Cops.

Mushroom Death Suit

Mushroom Death Suit was a dance/folk punk band that was active from late 2016 to August 2017, currently on hiatus.


L-R: Corey Ames, Alix Kaplan, Thomas Brockway, Jimbo Putnam


  • Corey Ames, vocals/acoustic guitars
  • Thomas Brockway, guitar
  • Alix Kaplan, drums
  • James Putnam, guitar


  • Live at iqhFEST 2017

Check their bandcamp here:

Member Projects:

James Putnam played bass in Sarcasm and guitar in Kids Luv Cops.  Corey Ames has a solo folk-punk project which Thomas Brockway contributes banjo to. Thomas also plays guitar in Concord punk band Crimepeople.  Alix Kaplan has a solo project and played drums for Nick Owen.



Sarcasm was a heavy post-hardcore band from Concord, with all 3 members contributing vocals. Surreal lyrics combined with heavy fucking grooves and a punk yet jammy ethos made this band stand out above so many others.


L-R: Nick Owen, James Putnam, Chloe Koval


  • Nick Owen, drums (9/30/16 – 9/13/17)
  • James Putnam, bass (9/30/16 – 9/13/17)
  • Chloe Koval, guitar (9/30/16 – 9/13/17)



Member Projects

James Putnam plays guitar in Kids Luv Cops, and played bass in Mushroom Death Suit. Chloe Koval plays guitar in SpiritTown and has a solo project. Nick Owen plays in his own solo post-hardcore project and played drums in Pixie & The Dreamgirls.