Scene Update 5/24/18

Hey! Hugh here!!! There’s been cool stuff going on and SO MUCH GOOD SHIT PLANNED

What’s happened:

  • Will Robichaud (Willow) released their first record Enceladus ! It’s beautiful ambient guitar work that will put you in a lovely mood, they also released an album of collected sounds called lost tracks that I highly recommend!
  • Clover Koval also released her first solo record entitled Mountains and Marzipan and it’s absolutely gorgeous shoegaze/folk rock
  • Concord punks Crime People also released their new EP! It’s sick!
  • Corey Ames also released his new weirdo folk album Living With Monsters! He’s moving to Providence RI but will always have a place here.
  • Nick Owen played a show with Final Girl, Covey, and Pondering at the Democracy Center on the 19th as a benefit for the Lucy Parsons center.


  • Corey Ames is playing RIPFEST in Newton on the 25th with a bunch of amazing bands!!
    • 32658084_918606048310629_6965495832288165888_o
  • That same night Edge Petal Burn (featuring Nick Owen on bass) is playing their EP release show at the Democracy Center and real emos will go 2 both shows that night.
  • Kids Luv Cops is back!!!! We have a new EP in the works and more shows than this planned!!! We’re gonna have a great time this summer! The show on the 26th is the final Boy Blunder Show and we’re playing with Roseate. The show on the 12th is with Ice Cream Orphan, The Hemlocks, and Rasputin. Burning Cam has more bands than I can count but we’re playing with our buds The Last Great Kings again!
    • flyer.png
  • Crime People is playing their EP release show on the 27th of May in Concord with help from shoegaze duo Trashcan Businessman, post-hardcore artist Nick Owen, and skram punks Razorwire Bouquet.
  • May 31st, Corey Ames, Clover Koval, and Annie Selle are playing at Nashoba Brook Bakery!
    • 33464570_2043200719225889_7129786766675935232_o.jpg
  • June 1st there is a going away show for the seniors at WIQH!!!!! Nick, Iris, Annie, McKenna, Thomas, and Chloe
    • 32821405_1124832940991180_4783981723882881024_n (1).jpg



UPDATE 4/25/18

Hey!!! Hugh here! I’m not in Concord right now but I wanted to keep this blog up while everyone is super busy with school so here’s some basic shit that’s been going on! It’s very out of order! I’m not in Concord anymore so I don’t know a lot of details!

  • Nick Owen went on a lil tour in early April with his band Edge Petal Burn from the Boston area! They played Concord, NY, and Philly.  They’ve also been playing a bunch of other shows around (like API Fest and RH Fest) so follow them and catch em whenever you can!
  • 29597971_808923172634689_3773381917098255309_n
    • On their Concord date, they were joined by new Concord punk outfit Cranium Leak (Razorwire Bouquet), Clover Koval, and Trashcan Businessman.  29982951_1095746443899830_4844134718999629889_o
  • Nick’s also been playing a bunch of shows around with his solo project and those have been very cool I’m sure! Nick went on tour in early December for weekend, it was cut short because his drummer fell ill after their Brooklyn date.
    • For that Concord date he was joined by Clover Koval, Trashcan Businessman, and Crime People. This date was a fundraiser for Appendix cancer research.
  • iqhFEST 2018 Happened! Check the videos here:
  • Kids Luv Cops played a bunch of shows in December/January while they were on break! The Lindsay’s birthday one was cancelled and the Owen’s dorm date was not real. They had a blast.25398160_2043195722578189_2386272243124036600_o
  • For this Concord date, The Genie Shrimptons, Iris, Clover Koval, Crime People, and Boxed Water played at Sandro’s. Good times.
  • Crime People played at Shed Cellar in Allston with Maggie Rosenberg, Max, Dump Him (Nick dropped from the bill).23844720_1021000604707748_7284375424770733840_n
  • I had a show at my house that was acoustic except for Spirittown. Listen to Annie’s, Coreys, and Spirittown’s sets on
    • 26815504_1772600809708592_1229685979815889465_n
  • WIQH Open Mic February 2nd that helped raise money for Appendix cancer research.
  • Will had open mic at his house on March 17th


That’s all for now! Sorry this is rushed and not well written or organized I just wanted to keep this up.



Alix Kaplan

Alix Kaplan is a drummer-percussionist-multi-instrumentalist who cut her teeth playing in most every band that’s graced a stage or basement in Concord (4 Whale Drive, Nick Owen, Waf, Fruitloop Daydream, Nia & Friends/The Buddies, Breakdown Lane, Mushroom Death Suit, the list goes on). Her solo project is experimental indie rock, and it’s weird and mad fucking cool. She’s been playing in bands since early 2015.


  • Utilize // Coyotes in My Neighborhood Split w/ Hugh Schmidt

Link to the Split:

Link to her soundcloud:


Clover Koval

Clover Koval is the solo project from guitarist/trumpet player/vocalist Chloe Koval, which has been active since late 2016. She plays weirdo folk/indie rock with shoegaze elements. She’s also the guitarist/vocalist in post-hardcore band Sarcasm, and multi-instrumentalist in Waf.



  • Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu (J Mascis Cover) ft. Friends!

Check her music on soundcloud and bandcamp:




Waf was an experimental rock duo made up of Alix Kaplan and Chloe Koval, active from spring – fall 2016.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 2.21.45 PM.png

Chloe Koval, Alix Kaplan


  • Alix Kaplan, drums, bass, guitar, theremin (Spring – Fall 2016)
  • Chloe Koval, guitar, vocals, (Spring – Fall 2016)
  • Sophie Purinton, drums (September 30th)


  • orb SINGLE

Check it here:

Member Projects:

Alix Kaplan drummed with Nick Owen, Mushroom Death Suit, and has a solo experimental project. Chloe Koval plays guitar in SpiritTown, Sarcasm, and has a solo folky indie project.

Trashcan Businessman

Trashcan Businessman is a dreampop/shoegaze duo made up of Will and Iris. They’re fucking great people and their music is beautiful. They’ve been active since early 2017.


Iris and Will


  • Iris Johnson, vocals (March 2017 –
  • Will Robichaud, guitar (March 2017 –


  • Blackberries SINGLE

Check it out here:

Member Projects

Iris Johnson has a solo indie folk project. Will Robichaud is the current guitarist in SpiritTown.

Hugh Schmidt

Hugh Schmidt is a punk musician whose solo projects explore black metal, chill synthwork, ambient, experimental, avant-garde metal, and hardcore. His solo project has been active since January 2016, and it left Concord in August 2017. He uses his name and “god bless gilgamesh” for his screamo/spoken word project.



  • Hugh Schmidt, bass/guitar/synths/drums/vocals/glockenspiel


  • flight to burma
  • endeavoring to bring souls to jesus christ
  • Bears Live Outside
  • Utilize/Coyotes in My Neighborhood Split (Split with Alix Kaplan)
  • god bless gilgamesh
  • D-Sides & Scarcities
  • We’re Sad and Listen to Loveless Every Night (Comp)
  • Possums on My Front Porch I (full record coming soon)

Check it here:

Member Projects

Hugh Schmidt plays bass/vocals in Kids Luv Cops and guitar in Tacoma, WA screamo band Blaschko’s Lines.  He also played bass with Nick Owen for almost two years, in addition to playing bass in Pixie & The Dreamgirls, and briefly did vocals in SpiritTown.

Corey Ames and the Nobodies

Corey Ames is a folk punk singer songwriter who’s been at it since early 2016. He lives in RI for college now but is still active. His lyrics are amazing and he’s the best.



  • Corey Ames, vocals/guitar
  • Thomas Brockway, guitar/banjo/harmonica sometimes
  • James Putnam, guitar sometimes


  • By the Skin of my Teeth
  • Ticon-Deroga
  • LIVE 1/14/18

Listen to it here:

Member Projects

Corey Ames and Thomas Brockway played guitar/vocals and guitar in Mushroom Death Suit. Thomas currently plays guitar in punk outfit Crimepeople. James Putnam played in post-hardcore outfit Sarcasm and indie punk group Kids Luv Cops.