Kids Luv Cops

Kids Luv Cops is an indie punk band formed in November 2014, who (little known fact) played their first show at CCTV. They’re on hiatus while members are at school (WA, RI, ME) but are reforming during breaks. Their music is influenced by alt metal, grunge, hardcore, and indie rock.


L-R: James, Owen, Hugh


  • Hugh Schmidt, bass/vocals (Nov. 2014 –
  • James Putnam, guitar (Nov. 2014 –
  • Owen Schmidt, drums (Nov. 2014 –

Past Members

  • Cooper Ernst, guitar (Nov. 2014 – July 2017)


You can listen to their music here



Member Projects

James Putnam played bass in Sarcasm and Mushroom Death Suit. Hugh Schmidt played bass in Nick Owen, Pixie & The Dreamgirls, briefly did vocals for SpiritTown, and has various solo projects.



Crimepeople (formerly known as Trop-Popica) is a punk rock band that started in August 2017, and have some really cool folk punk that they work into their music.


L-R: Thomas Brockway, Jenny Jantzen, Christina Piccione


  • Christina Piccione, vocals (August 2017 –
  • Thomas Brockway, guitar/banjo (August 2017
  • Jenny Jantzen, drums (August 2017 –
  • Becca Pasley, bass (August 2017 –


  • the ballad of alfie kohn (extended og version)

Member Projects

Thomas Brockway played guitar in Mushroom Death Suit, and banjo/guitar/harmonica with Corey Ames. 


Boxed Water

Boxed Water is a heavy metal band formed in late 2016. They take elements of punk and surf rock and combine them with their own unique band of death metal influenced thrash. The heaviest band in Concord since Desiccation, they’re totally ridiculous and a fucking blast to see live.




  • Live at Luigis Haunted Basement Show 7​/​20​/​17
  • The Death Machine (single)


  • Sandro Lopresti, vocals/bass (late 2016 – 3/4/17) vocals (3/4/17 –
  • Maheeb Rabbani guitar (late 2016 –
  • Peter Albanese guitar/bass (late 2016 –
  • Caleb Cramer drums (late 2016 –
  • Jason Fletcher bass (5/26/17-

You can find their recordings here.

Member Projects

Sandro Lopresti plays guitar/vocals and Caleb plays drums in Muttnik.

Concord Scene Archive

Hey, Hugh here. I’m doing writeups to make this blog more of an archive at the moment, so I’m writing brief profiles on all the bands that are listed on this site for future reference. That’s why there are so many posts here at the moment.

Pixie & The Dreamgirls

Pixie and the Dreamgirls was an indie rock/punk band from Concord that played their first show on 7/10/15, and their last on 5/20/16. It consisted of Gillian Pasley (founder of iqhFEST), Nick Owen, and Hugh Schmidt.



  • Gillian Pasley, vocals/guitar
  • Hugh Schmidt, bass
  • Nick Owen, drums

Releases: Pixie & The Dreamgirls EP

Member Projects

Hugh Schmidt is the bassist and frontman in punk/alt metal band Kids Luv Cops, former bassist with Nick Owen, former vocalist for SpiritTown, and has various  solo projects.

Nick Owen has his solo post-hardcore band, played drums in post-hardcore trio Sarcasm, and also briefly played drums in Skank Vendor.

Gillian Pasley plays guitar/vocals in Ohio based garage rock band The Milos.



Easily the most boundary-pushing band in Concord, SpiritTown is a forever shifting experimental music/art collective founded by brothers Luke and Orin Robichaud in 2013. Their sound shifted from wacked out Captain Beefheart-esque wailing acoustic psychedelia to noise rock, then back to acoustic wailing, and then to noisegaze/ambient. They’re known for insane performances, masks, and fog machines. They’re still active today, making them the longest lasting Concord band, albeit on and off. A full writeup of their history can be found in “Yer Scene” volume 2 on page 24. 


Creds to Thomas Percy Kim

Current Lineup:

  • Orin Robichaud, guitars/wailing (3/12/13 – 10/28/16, 10/27/17 -)
  • Chloe Koval, bucket/guitar (10/28/16 – 12/16/16, 10/27/17 – )
  • Will Robichaud, guitars (10/28/16 – 12/16/16, 10/27/17 -)

Past Members

  • Luke Robichaud, bucket/guitar/wailing (3/12/13, 7/10/15)
  • Evidently some motherfucker named Steve that only the Robichauds have even heard of (3/12/13)
  • Unknown Frontman (7/10/15)
  • Unknown Electric Violinist (7/10/15)
  • Hugh Schmidt, vocalist (10/28/16 – 12/16/16)
  • Fred Bex, drums (7/10/15)
  • Harrison Selle, bass (7/10/15)


  • Spirittown (5 track EP of their earliest material from 2013)
  • Oh, Pin (17 minute piece performed live 1/14/18)




Other Projects

Orin Robichaud and Fred Bex played guitar in Concord grunge band Skank Vendor. Chloe Koval played guitar in Sarcasm, Waf, The Lulas, and has her solo project under the name Clover Koval. Will Robichaud is the guitarist in shoegaze band Trashcan Businessman. Hugh Schmidt is the bassist and frontman in punk/alt metal band Kids Luv Cops, former bassist in indie rock band Pixie & The Dreamgirls and post-hardcore project Nick Owen, and has various solo projects. Harrison Selle plays in funky Colorado band FROG.

Skank Vendor

Skank Vendor was a grunge band from Concord, MA, formed in early 2015. They were extremely influential to the Concord scene, with a heavier and more aggressive sound than any of the other bands at the time. Their sound and incredibly tight performances inspired other artists to write start writing their own music.


L-R: Harrison Selle, Orin Robichaud, Duncan Nobile, Fred Bex


  • Fred Bex, Vocals/Guitar (January 2015 – July 2015)
  • Harrison Selle, Bass (January 2015 – July 2015)
  • Orin Robichaud, Guitar (January 2015 – July 2015)
  • Duncan Nobile, Drums  (January 2015 – May 2015)
  • Nick Owen, Drums (May 2015 – July 2015)


Other Projects

Duncan Nobile played in the Acton/Littleton emo band Tundra, in addition to having solo work.

Harrison Selle plays bass in the funky Colorado band FROG

Orin Robichaud is a founding and current member of Concord experimental art collective SpiriTown.

Drummer Nick Owen has his solo post-hardcore project and played in groovy post-hardcore trio Sarcasm.


Nick Owen

Nick Owen is a post-hardcore artist from Concord, MA. He, writes, performs, and records all of his own records. He plays bass, guitar, drums, and does vocals, enlisting various musicians to help him perform live. His sound evolved from surfy garage rock to darker, moody post-hardcore.


Photo by Hester Konrad

These are the various people who have played with Nick over the years:

Current Lineup:

  • Nick Owen, Vocals/bass/guitar (10/10/15-
  • Jack Kerwin, Drums (7/10/17-

Past Members

  • Alix Kaplan, Drums (2/26/16 – 5/13/17)
  • Hugh Schmidt, Bass/guitar (10/23/15 – 6/29/16) Bass (6/30/16 – 5/13/17)
  • Owen Schmidt, Drums (10/23/15 – 10/30/15)
  • Julian Berosh, Drums (6/6/17 – 7/10/17)


  • Finger Foodz, 10/23/15
  • F O A M  S E A, 12/22/15
  • Manifesto, 1/28/16
  • Old Demos, 12/30/16
  • No Reverb, 1/24/17
  • Bass & Drum, 6/14/17
  • cut and dry, 9/13/17
  • Art park, 11/18/17
  • nick/jack – Foam Sea, 12/6/17

Here’s Nick’s bandcamp:

Nick also makes experimental skate videos, you can check those out here:


Member Projects

Nick also plays bass in Edge Petal Burn,  briefly played drums in Skank Vendor, and played drums in Pixie & The Dreamgirls. Jack Kerwin plays drums in Boston indie rock band The Water Cycle. Hugh Schmidt is the bassist and frontman in punk/alt metal band Kids Luv Cops, former frontman in SpiritTown, former bassist in indie rock band Pixie & The Dreamgirls, and has various solo projects. Owen Schmidt plays drums in Kids Luv Cops. Alix Kaplan played in experimental band Waf, folk/dance punk band Mushroom Death Suit, and has a solo project. Julian Berosh plays drums in Boston-based Honeymooner and was in Dæphne.


Thankful for Concord DIY- Scene Update 11/26/17

Hey! How’s everyone’s November going? Thanksgiving just passed as we good ol’ Americans know, and I’m sure a lot of us had our annual Thanksgiving rituals of eating food with family and what not. If you’re Annie Selle, the talented up and coming Concord indie artist, you may have had a “Chicken Thanksgiving” and made a blueberry pie to share with your feathered friends. If you’re Hugh Schmidt of Kids Luv Cops, you were at your new pal’s house in Portland, Oregon petting a corgi all weekend.  And if you’re me, you sat in the car with your lovely, loud family with headphones, listening to the new King Gizzard album.

Thanksgiving is a great time to do all of these things (and to remember the Native Americans who were killed in the colonization of this nation). I’ve done some pondering over the things in my life that I give thanks for, and Concord DIY is on the top of my list. You guys honestly mean the world to me. There is so so much talent, kindness and love among this amazing group of people. I get all icky and emotional thinking that I’ll be out of here at university of whatever doing other shit on my own next year. It’s scary to leave such an awesome thing behind. However, as we can see in the upcoming shows for December, Concord DIY is a family, and our relatives will always be hopping around and returning back 🙂

Here’s what’s been happening in the scene:

On Friday October 13th, Nicole Walton, myself and the other friends at WIQH all put together an incredible show to raise money for Instituto Nueva Escuela, an organization helping hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. At the end of the night we raised over $600 for the organization! If you missed the show and wanna check them out you can take a peek at their website here:

The show was packed with Concord individuals and groups with some sweet original music. The acts included the following: Schuyler Winstanley, Jivan Gapler, Iris Johnson, The Lulas (Annie Selle and Chloe Koval), Crime People (Jenny Jantzen, Christina Piccione, Thomas Brockway, Rebecca Pasley), Boxed Water (Peter Albanese, Maheeb Rabbani, Jason Fletcher, Caleb Cramer and Sandro Lopresti) and Nick Owen. Every single act blew my mind. It was an incredible, joyful and amazing event held in the black box theatre at CCHS. Schuyler’s songs were heartfelt and warm. Her voice is stunning. Jivan’s another person with an absolutely amazing voice and I can’t wait to hear more of his stuff in the future. Iris had one of her classic and lovely sets with the crowd sitting on the floor in a big cuddle puddle. It featured a song she wrote the night before the show that made me cry. I was so happy to perform with Annie, one of my closest buds, and we’re hoping to release a tape collaboration in the near future on Punk!atasset. Crime People has an awesome punk sound and they did a sick spoken word peace that was intriguing and driven. They are a new Concord band that everyone has to hear. Boxed Water was very loud and very fun as always. I heard a rumor that they may be getting into the studio pretty soon, too. That release is going be AMAZING. Lastly, Nick Owen did a set that was intense and personal, featuring his bass, a floor tom and a lamp. As one could guess, it was fantastic. I am so so grateful to WIQH and everyone at CCHS for allowing us to put on this show at the school. It was amazing and we will definitely be working on more WIQH shows in the future.

On October 27th, Maheeb hosted a spook-tacular (hehe) basement show at his lovely home. Schuyler kicked off the night once again, featuring some songs on piano. Iris followed her, playing another set of her songs which never fail to make me happy and sad and all the emotions at the same time. Lucy Morrison went after Iris, with lovely ukulele pop tunes, including everything from broadway to Dodie covers. Crime People was up next with another extremely fun set featuring Christina, the lead vocalist, on guitar for a song. As it was a Halloween show, everyone was in costume, of course, and Becca nailed it going as Concord’s Nick Owen. This lead to the band playing a song that repeated the mantra “Government Bad, Nick Owen Good.” Boxed Water then played a high energy set. Maheeb also wore a Slash hat and wig at one point, but sadly took it off early in the set. To finish off the night, Orin Robichaud, Will Robichaud and I all played in Spirittown. If you’ve been around in the Concord Scene for a hot minute, you may recall the original group named Spirittown and their legendary spooky experimental sound and masks. The three of us decided to do a noise set and call ourselves Spirittown in honor of the old group that Orin was a member of. We suggested for everyone to lie on the ground and close their eyes during our set. While I played, my body felt heavy and the waves made me feel as though I was floating. It was the most relaxed I’ve ever been when playing a show. I was honored to work with the Robichaud siblings on this and truly I hope we do it again in the future.


Creds to Thomas Percy Kim

Nick Owen played several shows over the last few months, including the Record Hospital Fall Show in Cambridge. I wanted to go to this gig so badly, but I was unfortunately out of the state that night. If it was anything like any Nick Owen or Record Hospital gig I’ve been to, I’m certain that it was incredible.

Nick also released a quite fantastic new album: Art Park. I know he’s been in his home working his ass of on writing and recording this, and it shows. This six song album has a variety of songs on it, from more bouncy tracks like “1.618” to a slower song with a funky bass and echoey vocals like “Common (no true).” “Under the shaker white pine” is a six minute piece with an darker guitar part that flows from one riff to another and clean vocals. I find myself listening to this album quite a bit, and I feel as though I can say that it is easily one of my favorite albums Nick has ever put out.

As I stated earlier, Iris Johnson put out a beautiful new song called “Keeps Out the Chill.” Listen to this song while lying in your bed with a cup of tea. Stare out your window and think about high school and friends and everything. It is beautiful.

I also put out a single recently! I originally arranged this song for my world religions class for the assessment surrounding our Hinduism unit. J Mascis is easily one of my biggest inspirations for my music and is an incredibly important figure in my life. I recorded this song to tie Hinduism and everything I have learned about it in with my own life. The repetition of the chant and the blend of sounds at the end of the song represent continuation and the cycle of samsara. I was very lucky to have Sylvie Weinstein’s beautiful voice and flute playing on it, as well as Nick Owen’s help with percussion and Owen Curtin’s help with putting it all together.

Hugh Schmidt wrote a song that may go down in Concord DIY history. I will say no more.

Check out the show calendar for upcoming shows! There’s soooo much fun and new stuff happening! (Also get excited because Kids Luv Cops is hopping back into Concord in a few weeks!)

I love you all and I’ll write again soon ❤


A Sweet Scene Update! 9/29/17

Hey friends! Let’s chat!

There hasn’t been a lot going on this blog, simply because senior year is taking its toll on me. Everyone going through the college process can understand me when I say I am currently overwhelmingly busy, mentally and schedually (is that a word?).  However, I have found a stroke of inspiration from this brain tornado that has been every day of the past month or so to listen to and write more new music! So I guess in a weird way, thanks college process and senior year for driving me to a point of mental exhaustion where creativity is the only answer to infinite thoughts! YAY!

ANNNNYYWAYYYS….. here’s the scene update:

Nick Owen has hosted not one, but TWO basement shows since the last update. The first was the day before school started, which was an incredible way to officially say goodbye to summer. On August 29th, Young Buffy, Beautiful Woman, Boxed Water and Lydia Deetz. Beautiful Woman had a wondrous set with their awesome distinctive sound. It was my first time seeing Lydia Deetz and Young Buffy, and I was quite happy that I did.  Boxed Water had an awesome set and I was thrilled to hear what they’ve been coming up with. They were the only Concord peeps playing, and Young Buffy came all the way from Philly!

On September 22nd Nick Owen hosted and played at another one. These gigs are honestly some of my favorites. Every single time I attend a show or play in Nick’s basement, there’s this amazing connection I feel to everyone’s music and everyone in general. It is quite a magical place for me, given that the first Nick Owen basement show was also my first Concord DIY show I had ever attended as a freshman in high school. That basement is also the homeland of the Sarcasm EP, as well as all of Nick’s albums that he has recorded himself. I hear there’s a bunch of cool shit with some new bands that will come out of there soon!


The show was a magnificent combination of sounds and a warm atmosphere. The four bands that played could not have been more different, yet I believe that is precisely what makes the Concord scene the Concord scene. Iris kicked it off with her absolutely beautiful music that I somehow love even more every time I hear her play. Next up was a brand spankin new band: Trop Popica. Although their name resembles that one online game you may have played for a few months in fifth grade and forgot about, they were absolutely unforgettable. They have a super fun and classic punk type sound and even did an acoustic folkish-type song featuring a rad banjo and a sick upright bass (I am being very vague here with my choice of words, as each of the three originals they played was quite unique from the other). I am wildly excited to hear more of their stuff in the future and so so hyped to listen to the new EP that they are currently working on. Boxed Water unfortunately had to drop the gig this time, but don’t worry; those scintillating screaming hooligans have absolutely sick stuff coming up. Beautiful Woman had an awesome set as well, including a few songs with Nick Owen on drums! Although they’re not Concord natives, you cans see that you can often catch them playing an awesome set at several Nick Owen basement shows. Finally, Nick closed the show and it was the first time I had heard him play with Jack Kerwin on drums. Jack is a phenomenal drummer and they had an insanely tight set.

Speaking of Nick Owen, he just recently dropped a new 3 song EP entitled “cut and dry.” The three songs are poetic and flow wonderfully. Each one features Nick’s intense vocals paired with driven feel and minimal instrumentation. You need to give this a listen if you haven’t yet.

On the same day that Nick released his new EP, Sarcasm also released ours! I have to thank Nick and James both one more time here because I love you guys ❤ We recorded this live in Nick’s basement and I could not be happier with how it turned out. The four songs post-punky/hardcore type songs go from lightest to heaviest and each one was so much fun to play and to write. I am overjoyed 🙂

There’s a ton of incredibly exciting stuff coming! On Friday the 13th WIQH is hosting a benefit show for hurricane victims. The setlist is TBA and more info will be given soon! We’re also hoping to host another one of our open mics in the future as well.

Annie Selle is about to step into the studio with her marvelous new album that she is currently working on. I have heard a few of the songs and it is so fantastic and so Annie 🙂 I’m also working on my solo EP which should hopefully be out sometime in November. Trop Popica is coming out with a new EP soon! Boxed Water is working on new stuff! There’s a bunch of awesome new groups with amazing new music! THE SCENE IS HOPPING, GUYS!

It’s pretty fricken cool.