Corey Ames and the Nobodies

Corey Ames is a folk punk singer songwriter who’s been at it since early 2016. He lives in RI for college now but is still active. His lyrics are amazing and he’s the best.



  • Corey Ames, vocals/guitar
  • Thomas Brockway, guitar/banjo/harmonica sometimes
  • James Putnam, guitar sometimes


  • By the Skin of my Teeth
  • Ticon-Deroga
  • LIVE 1/14/18

Listen to it here:

Member Projects

Corey Ames and Thomas Brockway played guitar/vocals and guitar in Mushroom Death Suit. Thomas currently plays guitar in punk outfit Crimepeople. James Putnam played in post-hardcore outfit Sarcasm and indie punk group Kids Luv Cops.


Mushroom Death Suit

Mushroom Death Suit was a dance/folk punk band that was active from late 2016 to August 2017, currently on hiatus.


L-R: Corey Ames, Alix Kaplan, Thomas Brockway, Jimbo Putnam


  • Corey Ames, vocals/acoustic guitars
  • Thomas Brockway, guitar
  • Alix Kaplan, drums
  • James Putnam, guitar


  • Live at iqhFEST 2017

Check their bandcamp here:

Member Projects:

James Putnam played bass in Sarcasm and guitar in Kids Luv Cops.  Corey Ames has a solo folk-punk project which Thomas Brockway contributes banjo to. Thomas also plays guitar in Concord punk band Crimepeople.  Alix Kaplan has a solo project and played drums for Nick Owen.



Sarcasm was a heavy post-hardcore band from Concord, with all 3 members contributing vocals. Surreal lyrics combined with heavy fucking grooves and a punk yet jammy ethos made this band stand out above so many others.


L-R: Nick Owen, James Putnam, Chloe Koval


  • Nick Owen, drums (9/30/16 – 9/13/17)
  • James Putnam, bass (9/30/16 – 9/13/17)
  • Chloe Koval, guitar (9/30/16 – 9/13/17)



Member Projects

James Putnam plays guitar in Kids Luv Cops, and played bass in Mushroom Death Suit. Chloe Koval plays guitar in SpiritTown and has a solo project. Nick Owen plays in his own solo post-hardcore project and played drums in Pixie & The Dreamgirls.

Kids Luv Cops

Kids Luv Cops is an indie punk band formed in November 2014, who (little known fact) played their first show at CCTV. They’re on hiatus while members are at school (WA, VT, ME) but are reforming during breaks. Their music is influenced by alt metal, grunge, hardcore, and indie rock.


L-R: James, Owen, Hugh


  • Hugh Schmidt, bass/vocals (Nov. 2014 –
  • James Putnam, guitar (Nov. 2014 –
  • Owen Schmidt, drums (Nov. 2014 –

Past Members

  • Cooper Ernst, guitar (Nov. 2014 – July 2017)


You can listen to their music here



Member Projects

James Putnam played bass in Sarcasm and Mushroom Death Suit. Hugh Schmidt played bass in Nick Owen, Pixie & The Dreamgirls, briefly did vocals for SpiritTown, and has various solo projects.


Crimepeople (formerly known as Trop-Popica) is a punk rock band that started in August 2017, and have some really cool folk punk that they work into their music.


L-R: Thomas Brockway, Jenny Jantzen, Christina Piccione


  • Christina Piccione, vocals (August 2017 –
  • Thomas Brockway, guitar/banjo (August 2017
  • Jenny Jantzen, drums (August 2017 –
  • Becca Pasley, bass (August 2017 –


  • the ballad of alfie kohn (extended og version)

Member Projects

Thomas Brockway played guitar in Mushroom Death Suit, and banjo/guitar/harmonica with Corey Ames. 


Boxed Water

Boxed Water is a heavy metal band formed in late 2016. They take elements of punk and surf rock and combine them with their own unique band of death metal influenced thrash. The heaviest band in Concord since Desiccation, they’re totally ridiculous and a fucking blast to see live.




  • Live at Luigis Haunted Basement Show 7​/​20​/​17
  • The Death Machine (single)


  • Sandro Lopresti, vocals/bass (late 2016 – 3/4/17) vocals (3/4/17 –
  • Maheeb Rabbani guitar (late 2016 –
  • Peter Albanese guitar/bass (late 2016 –
  • Caleb Cramer drums (late 2016 –
  • Jason Fletcher bass (5/26/17-

You can find their recordings here.

Member Projects

Sandro Lopresti plays guitar/vocals and Caleb plays drums in Muttnik.

Pixie & The Dreamgirls

Pixie and the Dreamgirls was an indie rock/punk band from Concord that played their first show on 7/10/15, and their last on 5/20/16. It consisted of Gillian Pasley (founder of iqhFEST), Nick Owen, and Hugh Schmidt.



  • Gillian Pasley, vocals/guitar
  • Hugh Schmidt, bass
  • Nick Owen, drums

Releases: Pixie & The Dreamgirls EP

Member Projects

Hugh Schmidt is the bassist and frontman in punk/alt metal band Kids Luv Cops, former bassist with Nick Owen, former vocalist for SpiritTown, and has various  solo projects.

Nick Owen has his solo post-hardcore band, played drums in post-hardcore trio Sarcasm, and also briefly played drums in Skank Vendor.

Gillian Pasley plays guitar/vocals in Ohio based garage rock band The Milos.



Easily the most boundary-pushing band in Concord, SpiritTown is a forever shifting experimental music/art collective founded by brothers Luke and Orin Robichaud in 2013. Their sound shifted from wacked out Captain Beefheart-esque wailing acoustic psychedelia to noise rock, then back to acoustic wailing, and then to noisegaze/ambient. They’re known for insane performances, masks, and fog machines. They’re still active today, making them the longest lasting Concord band, albeit on and off. A full writeup of their history can be found in “Yer Scene” volume 2 on page 24. 


Creds to Thomas Percy Kim

Current Lineup:

  • Orin Robichaud, guitars/wailing (3/12/13 – 10/28/16, 10/27/17 -)
  • Chloe Koval, bucket/guitar (10/28/16 – 12/16/16, 10/27/17 – )
  • Will Robichaud, guitars (10/28/16 – 12/16/16, 10/27/17 -)

Past Members

  • Luke Robichaud, bucket/guitar/wailing (3/12/13, 7/10/15)
  • Evidently some motherfucker named Steve that only the Robichauds have even heard of (3/12/13)
  • Unknown Frontman (7/10/15)
  • Unknown Electric Violinist (7/10/15)
  • Hugh Schmidt, vocalist (10/28/16 – 12/16/16)
  • Fred Bex, drums (7/10/15)
  • Harrison Selle, bass (7/10/15)


  • Spirittown (5 track EP of their earliest material from 2013)
  • Oh, Pin (17 minute piece performed live 1/14/18)




Other Projects

Orin Robichaud and Fred Bex played guitar in Concord grunge band Skank Vendor. Chloe Koval played guitar in Sarcasm, Waf, The Lulas, and has her solo project under the name Clover Koval. Will Robichaud is the guitarist in shoegaze band Trashcan Businessman. Hugh Schmidt is the bassist and frontman in punk/alt metal band Kids Luv Cops, former bassist in indie rock band Pixie & The Dreamgirls and post-hardcore project Nick Owen, and has various solo projects. Harrison Selle plays in funky Colorado band FROG.

Skank Vendor

Skank Vendor was a grunge band from Concord, MA, formed in early 2015. They were extremely influential to the Concord scene, with a heavier and more aggressive sound than any of the other bands at the time. Their sound and incredibly tight performances inspired other artists to write start writing their own music.


L-R: Harrison Selle, Orin Robichaud, Duncan Nobile, Fred Bex


  • Fred Bex, Vocals/Guitar (January 2015 – July 2015)
  • Harrison Selle, Bass (January 2015 – July 2015)
  • Orin Robichaud, Guitar (January 2015 – July 2015)
  • Duncan Nobile, Drums  (January 2015 – May 2015)
  • Nick Owen, Drums (May 2015 – July 2015)


Other Projects

Duncan Nobile played in the Acton/Littleton emo band Tundra, in addition to having solo work.

Harrison Selle plays bass in the funky Colorado band FROG

Orin Robichaud is a founding and current member of Concord experimental art collective SpiriTown.

Drummer Nick Owen has his solo post-hardcore project and played in groovy post-hardcore trio Sarcasm.